nedelja, 26. januar 2014

Travian Bot for Private servers updated to! [Posted 26.1.2014]

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. Bot has received quite a lot of updates.  We have also introduced a new domain for our bot ( Here is a complete changelog: 20.01.2014)

New features:
  • Construct buildings on dboor!
  • Added more server compatibility (send me your server if it doesn’t work and it can be added),
  • Fixed crashing while upgrading resources,
  • Improved city center detection,
  • Tweaked buttons on top. 14.01.2014)

  • Expanded server compatibility ( and servers like it),
  • Fixed getting village center in multivillage,
  • Fixed barracks, stable, workshop detection in multivillage. 07.01.2014)

New features:
  • ? button on login with help (inputing server),
  • Updater 1.1, brings speed improvements,
  • New brading,
  • New server.
  • Readded login,
  • Fixed critical bug which caused bot to crash sometimes,
  • Bot now works if login server crashes,
  • Removed feedback tab in the end and added X button. 23.11.2013)

  • Plus users can now generate login credentials and use them in bot in order to remove ads. 22.11.2013)


  • Database crash is now resolved. Temporarily removed login from the bot. 18.11.2013)

New features:
  • Feedback window,
  • Ability to remove vilages from bot cycle (as requested).
  • You can no longer write freely in the version,troop selection and village switching,
  • Moved poll to feedback window,
  • Redesigned interface on the main window:
    - moved queue, villages and options to the top,
    - upgrading tab now only contains village center and resources,
    - fixes low resolution problems,
    - removed hide log button. 05.10.2013)

New features:
  • Each farm’s troops and type can be configured separately,
  • Ability to hide log (hopefully fixes low resolution problems),
  • Bottom bar with current status.
  • Fixed workshop detection,
  • Fixed multi-village farming start (was selecting wrong coordinate sometimes),
  • Hidden multi-village warning when using single-village,
  • Hidden exporting farms when using multi-village,
  • Changed message from “Raid sent” to “Troops sent”,
  • Adjusted village switching interval (added 0.5 second delay),
  • Loading can be closed after 30 seconds of waiting for server,
  • Fixed updater bug,
  • Code cleanup,
  • Reduced one text file.

New features:
  • Added reinforcement option in farming tab.
  • Fixed getting center buildings for some servers,
  • Fixed double-password for some servers,
  • Minor behind-the-scene fixes.

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četrtek, 22. avgust 2013

Travian Bot for Private servers updated to! [Posted 22.8.2013]

Check this post on the new blog.
Launch the updater to receive to update or go to

It's been a long time since I updated this blog. The bot has now been updated several times. Here is a complete changelog since version 0.7: (Released: 21.8.2013):
Hotfix: - Replaced broken launcher with the new one:
--> better performance,
--> removed changing server for free users. (Released: 20.8.2013):
New features:
- TravianZ new city center upgrading (same as dboor),
- TravianZ multivillage farming,
- TravianZ troop training.

- Upgrade all to the same level is now working on travianz,
- Fixed city upgrading on travianz,
- Removed unnecessary code and buttons,
- Improved troop detection,
- Changed warning text,
- Bot no longer skips training in some cases,
- Speed improvements,
- Fixed first time run (now loads everything properly),
- Farming tweaked. (Released: 11.8.2013):
New features:
- New city center upgrading (dboor).

- More dboor server compatibilty,
- Removed unnecessary step in loading,
- Improved responsiveness of updater,
- Repositioning options in upgrading tab,
- Fixed workshop detection bug. (Released: 26.7.2013):
New features:
- Upgrade all to same level button (dboor only),
- Added nomads (dboor tribe).

- Changed font to Calibri,
- Changed Webbrowser text to Browser only,
- Removed the message popup (experimental version),
- Fixed a bug for lower resolutions (moved options under resources. (Released: 4.7.2013):
New features:
- Troop training (dboor),
- Barracks, stable, workshop detection,
- Troops are now saved seperately for each village.

- Interface fix: log is now shown in all tabs,
- Clear all button now works with single village,
- Loading system improved,
- Improved switching between tasks,
- Fixed getting levels while switching village,
- Bot cycle improvements.

petek, 28. junij 2013

Travian Bot for Private servers updated to! City upgrading! [Posted 28.6.2013]

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Full changelog:
Changed login:
- Everything in one window,
- Ability to change server inbot,
- More details.
Added clear button for multivillage dboor,
Fixed travianz singlevillage upgrading city center,
Added city center upgrading for dboor (experimental):
- Works with single and multivillage,
- You can’t build new buildings (not recommended to try),
Added upgrading delay.
Launch the updater to receive to update or go to

torek, 11. junij 2013

Travian Bot for Private servers updated to! Dboor update! [Posted 11.6.2013]

Full changelog:
Dboor account can now be created,
Fixed dboor login (some servers still don't work),
Fixed dboor upgrading intervals (single village),
Fixed dboor multivillage start,
Rewritten multivillage upgrading,
Fixed dboor error (when you had fields at level 0),
Improved detection of new villages and fields,
Added icon,
Baloon notifications,
Added upgrade 1 for all levels in dboor,
Added clear all button.
Launch the updater to receive to update or go to

sobota, 01. junij 2013

Travian Bot for Private servers updated to! Multivillage update!

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Multivillage just got a lot better in the new version. Launch the updater to receive the update (or go to

Changelog for
- Updated login,
- Added troop names to farming,
- Added multiple villages level detection,
- Enabled upgrade all button for multi village,
- Enabled clear button for multi village,
- Farming tab is now disabled in multi village,
- Rewritten multi village upgrading,
- Fixed timers (hopefully).

nedelja, 12. maj 2013

Server-Creator is coming back! [Posted 12.5.2013]

Do you remember Server-Creator? Here is the old video: Server-Creator

So basicly, what is Server-Creator?
-> Server-Creator is PHP utility, which creates a travian private server for you in a few seconds.
-> The only thing you need to do is input your server information.
-> The new Server-Creator is completly redesigned compared to the old one.
To get access, comment below with your email address. Login details will be generated and sent to your email address. 
I have commented with my email, but haven't received login information.
--> There is a possibility, that your account is not created yet. But if it is, please check spam folder.
I can only create one server.
--> For now, free limit is 1 server.

četrtek, 25. april 2013

Travian bot for private servers updated. [Posted 25.4.2013]

Check this page on the new blog.

Changelog for the newest version:
If server has an annoucement, bot now clicks it and restarts itself,
Bot calculates upgrading time and sets next check,
Added farming for single village (not very good looking, not complete, tribes are not done - very experimental),
Improved bot logic,
New button: Upgrade all resources for 1 level,
Other fixed and improvements.

Bot can be downloaded here.